2014 – Under review
Nielsen A.V., Gade A.L., Strandkvist C and Juul J.,: A Schelling model of segregation based only on local information’.

2014 – Under review
Strandkvist C and Juul J.,: ‘Differential motility as a mechanism for cell sorting’.

2014 – PLOS one
Strandkvist C, Juul J., and Bendtsen K.M.: Asymmetric damage segregation in spatially structured multicellular organisms.

2013 – Physical Review E
Holbek S., Bendtsen K.M., and Juul J.: ‘Moderate stem cell telomere shortening rate postpones cancer onset in stochastic model’.

2013 – Physical Review E
Juul J., Kianercy A., Bernhardsson S., and Pigolotti S.: Replicator dynamics with turnover of players.

2013 – Physical Review E
Juul J., Sneppen K., and Mathiesen J.: Labyrinthine clustering in a spatial rock-paper-scissors ecosystem.

2013 – Physical Review E
Gangstad S.W., Feldager C.W., Juul J., and Trusina A.: ‘Noisy NF-kB oscillations stabilize and sensitize cytokine signaling in space.

2012 – Physical Review E
Juul .J, Sneppen K., and Mathiesen J.: Clonal selection prevents tragedy of the commons when neighbors compete in a rock-paper-scissors game.

2012 – PLOS one
Bendtsen K.M., Juul J., Trusina, A: Fragile DNA Repair Mechanism Reduces Ageing in Multicellular Model.

2012 – Physical Review Letters
Pigolotti S., Bernhardsson S., Juul J., Galster G., Pierpaolo V.: Equilibrium Strategy and Population-Size Effects in Lowest Unique Bid Auctions.

2011 – Physical Review E
Juul J., Sneppen K: Locally self-organized quasicritical percolation in a multiple disease model.

2011 – IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity
Juul J., Mølgaard E. T., Jensen J., Andersen N. H., Abrahamsen A. B., Willen D., Træholt C., Thiedemann C., Lentge H.: AC-losses in Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10-x tapes and a 3.15 m long single phase cable.



University of Copenhagen. PhD in theoretical biophysics at Center for Models of Life.

University of Copenhagen. Cand.scient in physics. Special focus on dynamical systems, statistical mechanics, pure math, chaos, and network theory. Grade point average of 11.9, being among the highest at the institute. Master’s thesis in complex systems and game theory.

University of Auckland. Exchange student. Courses in topology, linear systems, complex analysis, and statistical mechanics and stochastic methods, all passed with mark A+.


Teaching experience

Instructor / Teaching assistent. University of Copenhagen. Has taught statistical mechanics three times, dynamical systems and chaos theory twice, Newtonian mechanics and special relativity, electromagnetism, and linear algebra. Has lectured occasionally in statistical mechanics and dynamical systems and chaos theory.

High School teacher. Frederiksberg Gymnasium Taught two classes with 24 and 30 students, respectively, physics C in 3 months.

Private tutor. Svendborg and Copenhagen. Has taught mathematics, physics, chemistry, and english to pupils of age 12-28, either alone or in small groups. In total more than 300 hours of teaching.


Awards and Conferences

2011 (October, Stockholm, Sweden)
Nordic Network for Network Science kick-off

2011 (August, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Spatio-temporal patterns in simple bio-systems – Center for Models of Life

2011 (June, Budapest, Hungary)
NetSci 2011 – The International School and Conference on Network Science.

2011 (April, Stockholm, Sweden)
Conference on Applications of Network Theory. Nordita.

2010 (September, Umeå, Sweden)
IceLabCamp—in vitro and in vivo meet in silico at the Vindel River.

2008 and 2006 (April, Stockholm, Sweden)
Utställingen Unga Forskare.

2007 and 2005 (May, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Young Scientists. Won 3rd place (2005) and 2nd place (2007) in the national competition Young Scientists with more than 1000 participants.

2006 (March, Beijing, China)
Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition. Award for ‘excellent project’.

2005 (February, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Won the Danish Chemistry Olympics


Voluntary work experience at University of Copenhagen

Co-organizer of the annual galla-dinner with 275 participants.

Coordinator of the student-carbaret at the Niels Bohr Institute having a 400 people audience. Coordinator for 50 participants. Has participated in the carbaret 5 years in total.

Organizer of the annual Niels Bohr Christmas Lunch. Responsible for i.e. entertainment, bar, and cleanup.


Voluntary work experience outside University of Copenhagen

2004 – currently
Active in Youth Politics. Has occupied various positions of trust in Radikal Ungdom, e.g. board member of the national organization, Chairman in Svendborg, Treasurer in Frederiksberg, member of campaign committee and urban political committee.

2005 – currently
Campaign leader at election to National Parlament (2005: Svendborg Radikale Ungdom, 2007: Radikal Ungdom København) and City Council (2009: Anna Allerslev)

2007 – currently
Inspector Collegii at the dormitory ‘Hassager Kollegium’. Responsible for all official arrangements and internal meetings. Responsible for the ceremonial initiation of new alumni.