Research Interests

Scale free networks are found in such different systems as Twitter, protein interactions in the human body, and citations between scientific authors. It can be explained by the simple model of preferential attachment.

Within the exciting worlds of physics, maths, and biology, I have a special interest in simple models that capture essential features of complex systems.

The simple rule of preferential attachments generates networks with the same topology as Twitter, the World Wide Web, and the network of citations between scientific authors. The intuitive process of diffusive-limited aggregation forms fractals as beautiful and complex as seen in snow flakes, lightning, and the coast line of Norway. The mind-blowing Ising Model exactly mimics the behaviour of magnetic materials close to their critical temperature.

Snowflake and diffusion-limited aggregation

The fractal structure of e.g. a snowflake can be mimicked by the simple model of diffusion-limited aggregation

Rather than trying to describe the world though enormous systems of coupled differential equations or by continuing to pertube already overwhelmingly complex field theories, it is fascinating to see how previously unexplained phenomena can be described by models, even a child could understand. Maybe similar models can explain how diseases spread, how the brain works or how the financial markets evolve in time.