Estimation and Measurement of AC Losses in Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+x Multifilament Tapes and One Layer Single Phase Cables

Meissner effect of a superconductor

Existing models for estimation of AC loss in multifilament superconducting tapes have been analysed and compared to experimental data. This examination strongly supports the Norris ellipse model and Gömöry-Gherardi model for concentric shells in preference to the Norris strip model or Däumling’s numeric model for rectangular superconductors.

AC loss of a 3.15 m test cable made from 31 multifilament tapes were measured and analysed based on 31 independent tapes and the monoblock model respectively. By also considering themagnetic field produced by the nearest neighbours, an expanded analytical model was developed, improving the estimation of AC losses to a deviation of less than 10 % from the measured.

Collaborator: Esben Tore Mølgaard.